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BP Plus is driving you forward with newly integrated Xero accounting software ^, to help keep your business running smoothly

Time is precious. Especially for Australian businesses and owners


The great news is that BP has made running a business less fuss by integrating your BP Plus account with Xero. This means that all your fuel expenses and tax invoices will be automatically processed directly into your Xero account. Helping you save time, by simplifying your tax requirements and reducing draining business admin.


Now you can spend time on the things that matter.


That's another great plus for BP Plus.

How it works

Each time we send you a BP Plus invoice, a copy of your invoice data is fed directly into Xero – making it super simple to keep your account up to date and even easier to get your books done faster.


Your BP Plus invoice will flow straight into Xero as a draft bill. The feed wont cost you a cent and there is no change to how you currently pay your BP Plus invoice.


Full details on how to connect Xero to your BP Plus account can be found within the BP Plus Xero FAQs.


We're backing your business for the long haul.

^Xero integration is limited to eligible BP Plus account holders with an active Xero account. See the terms and conditions for more details.