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Diesel blend with biodiesel

Our diesel blend with biodiesel is a quality fuel, just like all our fuels, and is backed by our fuels guarantee
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Diesel blend with biodiesel

We make a diesel blend with up to 5 per cent biodiesel. It's suitable to use in vehicles that run on conventional mineral diesel and can be safely mixed with what's already in your fuel tank.

In Australia, biodiesel is most commonly made from domestically produced tallow. It can also be made from domestic or imported vegetable oils.

Because our diesel blend contains no more than 5 per cent biodiesel it's classified as diesel not biodiesel. This means it can be used in vehicles that are designed to run on conventional mineral diesel. 


Our diesel blend conforms with national fuel quality standards and is backed by our fuels guarantee that our fuels are fit for purpose and, if the conditions of our fuel guarantee are met, won't cause system problems.


Commercial fuel customers

The commercial fuels team can arrange bulk supply of our diesel blend with biodiesel  to customers if required.