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Opal fuel: testimonial

Well-known Territory angler, Alex Julius, says anglers should feel relaxed about putting bp's Opal fuel in their outboard motors
For 35 years, outboard motors have been the cornerstone of my chosen lifestyle, as well as my professional life in the fishing media, and for six years as the operator of one of Australia's foremost remote-area fishing lodges."
My company has used the original formulation of Opal fuel in our fleet of boats at the Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge in Maningrida in central Arnhem Land. We have used it successfully in conjunction with the fuel additive ValveMaster Plus and we've never had any issues as a consequence."


“Since the new and improved fuel has arrived in Maningrida, I have been saving a bundle on fuel additives and outboards have been simply purring.”


Alex Julius, well-known Territory angler

Alex was also involved in the 2010 field trials of the new version of Opal

The field trial demonstrated clearly that Opal was safe to use without the need for an additional additive.”
I agree with BP that the improved Opal fuel has the same storage properties of unleaded 91, with engine performance to match."
The original Opal fuel was developed by BP in 2005 to combat petrol sniffing, particularly in Indigenous communitites.
It's important not to lose sight of the fact that Opal is all about eliminating the incredibly dangerous practice of petrol-sniffing amongst young children."