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bp Fleet Solutions for CEVA Logistics

At bp Fleet Solutions, we are here to support CEVA Logistics on your journey towards decarbonisation. With the help of our experts, your organisation can continue optimising the operational efficiency of your fleet and minimising your environmental impact.

A supplier for your journey towards decarbonisation

At bp, we are significantly scaling up our low-carbon energy business and transforming our mobility and convenience offers. As you think about the transition of your fleet, having the confidence of on the road fuelling solutions will be key, and bp plans to understand and support your needs in an increasingly complex future.

  • bp pulse charging for home, work and depot locations
  • Fuel & Charge Card that is the all-in-one mobility solution for both fuelling and charging
  • UK-wide fuel & charge network with EV charging at 9,500+ locations
  • Access to bio-CNG, bio-LNG and HVO alternative fuels
  • bp is investing significantly in supply and infrastructure for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Several world-class hydrogen projects in development including HyGreen Teesside that aims to be one of the biggest ‘green’ hydrogenfacilities in the UK
  • We are targeting 60MWe of ‘green’ hydrogen production by 2025
  • Your carbon calculator
  • Carbon insetting/offsetting support
  • Our aim is to be net zero by 2050

Insights from bp Fleet Solutions

Decarbonising your fleet (tip sheet)

Managing a fleet is not only one of your biggest business costs, but also the area of your business with the biggest carbon footprint. As we move towards a net-zero future, how can you minimise the impact of your vehicles and factor sustainability into your fleet management? Well, here’s a few tips to help.

Why you need a fleet partner and not just a fuel supplier (ebook)

With a colossal operation such as yours and a large fleet of vehicles on the road, fuel providers are likely trying hard to get you signed up to their fuel cards. But, whilst fuel cards and similar agreements may look appealing, you are likely missing out on a wealth of additional benefits that come from an experienced fleet partner – fleet efficiency, simplified operations, and help with decarbonisation.

The story of Fleet Solutions

The story of Fleet Solutions

Drive your fleet’s efficiency and sustainability

Fleet sustainability
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Build a sustainable fleet for the future

The future of fleets is being redefined. It isn’t going to be about moving from one fuel directly to a more environmentally friendly alternative, because fleets have a range of needs that must all be met – such as long-distance haulage and tight delivery times versus last-mile deliveries. The future of fleets is almost certainly going to require a mix of fuels. At bp, we’ve already made a commitment to invest up to £18 billion in the UK energy system by 2030. What’s more, we aim to have an operational UK network of low carbon mobility solutions, which will incorporate Biogas, HVO and EV charging for trucks & LCV.

Driver convenience
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Make your fleet appealing to new drivers

Our BPme app is the first mobile fuel purchasing app in the UK that connects to a fuel card. Fast, simple and intuitive, BPme saves your drivers' time when paying for fuel so they can get back on the road quicker. Not only does the app maximise your drivers’ efficiency and minimise the time they spend in fuelling stations, but they can also accrue BPme Rewards points and redeem these for personal use on shop purchases at bp service stations including Wild Bean Café, M&S Food and car wash. Plus, we offer a range of on-road services such as repair and towing services, subsidies on carwashes, cashless purchases of toll, help with taxes, parking and much more.

Fleet control at your fingertips
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Simplifying your fleet management and control

With bp, you have direct access via your personal account, and you can easily order, replace, or block fuel cards online. You can stay on top of mileage and set spending alerts to save costs and maintain control on which fuel stations your cards are being used at. Card Controller also informs and advises you immediately by e-mail or text message if certain limits are exceeded or if fraudulent activity occurs. Plus, you’ll have a single point of contact - a trustworthy account manager you can always count on for advice tailored to your business and help in resolving all queries quickly.

Fuel card security
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Experience the fuel & charge network now

With the bp pulse charging infrastructure and our UK-wide fuel & charge network, you can manage all your fleet’s energy needs in the UK. Your drivers can choose fuel at 3,500+ service stations or charge EVs at 9,500+ locations. In addition, drivers can download the Fuel & Charge free mobile app which they can use to quickly locate a charging point that matches their vehicle’s needs. With bp, you can make the transition to EVs easier and less disruptive to your drivers – thereby making it a more appealing prospect.

Largest network of EV chargers
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Cost savings you can count on

We offer flexible pricing dependent on your business’ needs. In addition, with the bp Plus Bunker fuel card, you’ll have the option to pay a competitive fixed weekly price at Bunker HGV sites. You’ll also have constant control over exactly what your drivers are spending, as you’ll have online fleet management tools that help you identify opportunities to help you reduce the total cost of ownership of your fleet.

Reduce fleet TCO
Lorry travelling at speed on English motorway

Maximise efficiency with digital tools

We offer a range of digital solutions that are designed to help you optimise fleet management by giving you control at the touch of a button. With our online services you can manage your bp fuel cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll have direct access via your personal account, and you can easily order, replace or block fuel cards online. You can effectively control fuel card use by setting alerts and easily download all your invoices. We’re also pioneering a range of new solutions to help you to streamline fleet management, minimise emissions, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

To find out more about how bp is an energy supplier to support CEVA Logistics’ short- and long-term fleet decarbonisation journey… 

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