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BP Plus fuel card

BP Plus fuel card for national usage

Keep your drivers on track with access to over 3,400 sites. Enjoy peace of mind with instant alerts and vigilant fraud detection.


Access safe, cashless purchases at over 1,200 BP sites, and over 2,200 partner stations, including Texaco, Gulf and Esso. Make your fleet more efficient and save money.

Full range of benefits

Whether your fleet is huge or relatively small, whether it's cars, vans, trucks or buses, the BP Plus Fuel Card gives you access to a convenient network and a full range of benefits that will help in improving your fleet efficiency, lightening your workload and driving down costs.



Five reasons to choose the BP Plus fuel card

  1. With over 1,200 BP stations and the largest number of motorway fuel sites in the UK*, you can rest assured your drivers will stay on track.
  2. We offer a clear pricing structure with a range of options, depending on your fleet size and needs.
  3. Our advanced security provides transaction transparency with every card, online authorisation, dedicated fraud team support and CCTV coverage at most sites.
  4. Manage day-to-day fleet administration with minimum effort thanks to our time-saving additional solutions.
  5. A dedicated customer service support team is on hand to respond to your account queries.
*69 of 122 UK motorway fuel sites are BP branded, Catalyst, May 2019.

Benefit from the BP Plus fuel card with 3 easy steps


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