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bp Plus Bunker fuel card

The fuel card that keeps truck and bus fleets of all sizes moving
across the UK.

A small solution for big vehicles


The bp Bunker card is tailor-made for larger vehicles – such as trucks, HGVs and buses – to offer a UK-wide bunker network to help you keep control of costs. Take a look at bp Plus Bunker:


  • Around 540 bunker sites in strategic motorway and A‑road locations
  • Majority of sites are designed with high-speed pumps, wide lanes and extra-high canopies
  • Option to pay a competitive fixed weekly price at HGV bunker sites 

Take control of fuel costs with bp Plus Bunker card


bp Plus Bunker fuel card is suitable for all kinds of fleets. As a cost-effective alternative to running your own bunker network, it’s ideal for companies of any size that use trucks and/or buses.


  • Online fuel consumption reporting tools that help you establish ways to manage and reduce costs
  • Advanced security features, including 24/7 alerts and 100% online authorisation of fuel transactions
  • View transactions online by vehicle, create fuel reports, order new cards and more – all at the comfort of your desktop 

Take a step towards a lower-carbon future


We’re here to support you on your journey to lower carbon. We achieve this by developing and offering a range of lower-carbon energy solutions. Get the support you need to understand and reduce your fleet's carbon emissions.

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