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Discover bp lower carbon solutions

Helping you on the journey to lower carbon.

Our purpose

Our purpose is reimagining energy for people and our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives.

In 2021, corporate fleets accounted for 20% of the vehicles on the road in Europe. And they produced half of all road transport emissions.*

That is why we are proactively working to expand networks of vehicle charging points, cooperating with partners to provide renewable diesel (HVO)
and biomethane products, and strategically building our distribution network. With our heritage, infrastructure, support and investment, we’re well placed to help fleets undertake this journey. It’s time to make a change.


*Colle, S. Et al., 2021. Accelerating fleet electrification in Europe, p1

EV solutions

Adding EVs to your fleet? Learn how to use our growing integrated charging infrastructure with bp pulse, Aral pulse, and partners' network. This includes access to: 

  • a range of integrated EV solutions across Europe
  • 858K+ public charging points in Europe in 9 countries
  • 12K+ charge points in UK including 5,500+ ultra-fast and rapid
  • 130K+ public charge points in Germany
  • dedicated E-Truck charging corridor in Germany with ultra-fast chargers

Lower Carbon Fuels 

Explore our diverse range of initiatives, developed in collaboration with our partners in the energy sector, aimed at accelerating the adoption
of alternative fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Biomethane, and Hydrogen, making them readily accessible.

Carbon Offsetting with bp

We can assist you in offsetting your carbon emissions through our partnership with bp Target Neutral. This partnership facilitates the acquisition of carbon offset credits from various projects worldwide, focusing on carbon reduction, avoidance, and removal.


The bp Target Neutral service quantifies emissions generated by your fleet due to fuel usage and offers support and information to help reduce these emissions. Subsequently, it enables you to offset any remaining emissions by providing financial support to global carbon offsetting projects.

Strengthen your business with our tools and products

Mobility solutions


We provide innovative energy and fleet mobility solutions for fleets of all shapes 
and sizes. See how your business can benefit from our tools and services. 

Improve Efficiency

Analyse fleet performance, control costs,
and enjoy one consolidated invoice with our dedicated online tools for fleets.

Fuel cards


Benefit from an ever-growing network of fuel and charge stations with bp fuel cards.
See which card best suits your fleet's needs.