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EV Solutions

Providing you a range of integrated EV solutions across Europe.

Electric vehicles in numbers

Based on research conducted by bp, fleet electrification is not only
a solution that will reduce the emission intensity of your business but will also make it more competitive in the long term.

  • 30-40% of new trucks sold by 2030 will be electric vehicles
  • 1 electric vehicle on the road can save 1.6 tons of CO2
  • 52% of fleets have started using electric vehicles
  • 54% of fleets that have not adopted zero-emission motoring will do
   so in the next five years.
  • 100% less emission if EV energy comes from renewable sources

EV Charging

bp pulse, bp’s EV charging business, is rapidly growing its network to provide fleets with convenient infrastructure. In addition we expand access to our partners' charge networks across Europe via our Fuel&Charge card.


Today, about 60% of our chargers around the world are what’s known as rapid (more than 50kW) or ultra-fast (150kW or faster) and by 2030, we’re aiming for 90%. A 150kW charger could provide up to 100 miles of range in about 15 minutes, depending on vehicle model, battery size and weather conditions.

bp is starting to roll out dedicated charging for freight operators and fleets, with a focus on major logistics corridors. In Germany, we’ve launched Europe’s first charging corridor for E-Trucks, offering ultra-fast 300kW charge points, ultimately along a 600km stretch of the Rhine-Alpine corridor.


To help businesses transition their fleets to EV, bp and bp pulse offer  integrated electric vehicle charging solutions, with customers able to select their ideal blend of home, workplace, customer depots and road charging.

Charging point app


Our handy mobile app lets drivers quickly and easily locate the nearest charging point that offers the right charging speed for their vehicle. The app then directs them straight there so, they don’t need to worry about finding a charging point. Drivers can make their journey more efficient while avoiding costly delays and detours

EV Home Charging Pro

With our home charger installation service, we can install charging points at your employees’ homes. That way your drivers can simply plug in and charge their vehicle when they're in the driveway.

EV Depot Charging


Our convenient mobile app allows drivers to easily and swiftly locate the nearest charging point that offers the appropriate charging speed for their vehicle. The app then guides them directly to the charging location, eliminating the need to worry about finding
a charging point. Drivers can enhance the efficiency of their journey while avoiding expensive delays and detours

Discover the offer for fleets with EV

Need more EV charging solutions?

bp Fuel & Charge - Simplify your future 

The bp Fuel & Charge card gives you the opportunity to pay for fuel 
and charging with one card, as well as to earn rewards, control costs,
and reduce paperwork.

Thanks to bp Fuel & Charge card you can expect:


Discounts for fuel, food and drinks at bp sites while earning your loyalty rewards.

Wide Network

12K+ charge points 3,500+ fuel stations in UK, 858K+ charge points in Europe, 30K+ fuel stations 
across Europe

Simple Management 

Saving time and money 
with our fleet dedicated online tools. Analysing performance and control costs with one consolidated invoice.

bp Fuel & Charge App

Easy search for convenient and available charge points suitable to your vehicle needs.