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Carbon offsetting

Make a difference starting from today

bp Target Neutral 

If you want to reduce and offset the emissions from your vehicles, you can make a difference today.


bp Target Neutral is a global program that has helped customers reduce and offset over 8 million tonnes of carbon since 2006. How?
By supporting programmes that absorb or reduce carbon emissions, such as planting forests, and installing wind turbines or solar panels.


See how you can help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint with bp Target Neutral.

Help with reducing your carbon print

We help quantify your fleet's fuel consumption emissions and provide support and information to help you reduce them. This enables you to offset your emissions by financially supporting global carbon offset projects. You can do this automatically, even when you pay for fuel. 

Purchase carbon credits


Offsetting your fleet's emissions is made through carbon credits. bp Target Neutral buys them and redeems them against the amount of your emissions.

International registry

bp Target Neutral works with bp Trading & Shipping to purchase and store carbon credits, ready for use. When a credit is purchased and then used, it is retired to an audited international registry.

Emission reduction projects


Global projects receive carbon credits for every tonne of carbon they reduce or replace, and then sell them to obtain financing.