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bp Fuel & Charge fuel card

One easy choice today for an advanced fleet tomorrow. Combined fuelling and charging in one fuel card.

Fuel and charge with one card

bp Fuel & Charge fuel card

Simplify your future with Fuel and Charge card

Advancements in fuel technology, a wider range of electric vehicles and changing emission legislation all mean more choices for your fleet than ever before. Connect to charging networks and fuel stations on your key routes with one simple card.


  • One card: Access bp networks for easy refuelling or recharging with a single convenient fuel card 
  • One network: Plug into the UK's largest charge network with over 12K+ charge points
  • Our app: Quickly find the nearest and most convenient charge point with a dedicated app

Get support at every step of your EV journey

Whether at home, at your depot or on the go, we can support your business's transition to EV. Step by step. Our expert fleet team can help you choose the best option for your needs:

  • We can help you install bp pulse charge points
  • We provide access to fast, rapid and ultra-fast charge points at key locations across the UK
  • Our Fuel & Charge app shows real-time availability and directions to the nearest charge points

Download the Fuel & Charge app now:

Track and offset your emissions

Manage your fleet's carbon footprint with the bp Target Neutral program. Even when a total reduction in carbon emissions is not fully possible, learn how to mitigate impact.

Choose a voluntary service available with the bp Fuel & Charge fuel card
Get support and information to help you lower your emissions
Start offsetting remaining emissions by financially supporting global carbon offset projects

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