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BP + Aral international fuel card

Benefits of BP + Aral fuel card

Keep your drivers on track and your fleet under control with a pan-European network of strategically located 22,000 sites in 29 countries and helpful online tools.


Benefit from a full range of features designed to help you manage your workload and reduce costs.

BP + Aral Fuel Card

BP and Aral have united

BP has united with Aral, one of the leading fuel and energy providers in Germany, to bring you the BP + Aral Fuel Card, designed specifically to help international fleet managers save time and cut costs.



Five reasons to choose BP + Aral for your international fleet

  1. Peace of mind thanks to instant alerts, vigilant fraud detection and CCTV coverage on most BP and Aral sites.
  2. Greater flexibility with the customisable card parameters, so you can set alerts on purchases by product, service, spend, time or date.
  3. Fewer dead miles thanks to a massive pan-European network of 22,000 fuel sites in 29 countries, many of which are truck-ready and located strategically at major routes and motorways.
  4. Happier drivers due to access to quality foods and coffee at M&S Simply Food (UK only), Wild Bean Cafe at BP stations in the UK and Europe, and Aral PetitBistro at Aral stations in Germany.
  5. More time to focus on your core business with the whole range of time-saving online services.

Benefit from BP + Aral fuel card with 3 easy steps: