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The bp Fuel & Charge card for small businesses

Choose bp and make the most of every mile.

Cut fuel costs, improve cashflow and earn rewards.


Are you a sole trader? Independent driver? Or fleet manager? bp’s all-in-one, small business Fuel & Charge card makes life easier while saving you time and money. Apply now and unlock a range of benefits.

General benefits for small businesses

Our offer is more than just a fuel card, it means big benefits for small businesses…

Our offer is more than just a fuel card, it’s a partnership with big benefits for small businesses, fleet managers and sole traders running traditional, EV or mixed fleets.

Fuel discounts and no card fees


  • Save on fuel with a discount of 3.5ppl off the pump price at all UK bp branded sites.
  • Fuel & charge today, pay later. Improve your business’s cashflow with £2,500 credit per month.
  • No card fees. No hidden charges. No receipts and no cash.

Comprehensive UK network


  • Fill up and charge with one card.
  • Fuel and charge at over 3,400* fuel sites and over 12,000* charge points with bp pulse and partners across the UK. 
  • Enjoy award-winning facilities with various food and drink offers

Manage & view invoices online


  • Manage your cards with fast, simple and secure online tools. 
  • Monitor fuel card transactions and fuel consumption reports for effective cost control 24/7.
  • Download HMRC-approved VAT invoices for timely year end accounts and tax returns.

Save more with BPme Rewards


  • Join BPme Rewards loyalty scheme and get £2.50 worth of points on registration.
  • Earn points for every fuel and every shop at all bp sites.
  • Redeem points as a discount on your next visit.
  • Join via the BPme app for a digital BPme Rewards card enabling you to fill up and pay at pump.
* Figures as of February 2024, discounts applicable at bp-branded sites only.
Find your nearest fuel pump or charge point.

Find your nearest fuel pump or charge point.

With the bp Fuel & Charge card, you have access to over 3,400* fuel sites and 12,000* charge points across the UK. Find your nearest bp fuel site on our live map, or download the bp Fuel & Charge app to locate your nearest charge point. 

BPme Rewards

Save even more with BPme Rewards and pay at pump via the BPme app today.

Download the BPme app to gain instant access to BPme Rewards. Scan your BPme Rewards card with every purchase to earn points and start saving money. Benefit from fuel and retail offers at over 1,200* bp-branded sites, and as a bonus, receive £2.50 worth of points when you sign up. 


BPme Rewards points are redeemable as a discount for fuel, car wash and all shopping, including M&S Simply Food and Wild Bean Cafe.Plus, find your nearest bp site and pay at the pump with the BPme app when linked to your bp Fuel & Charge card, or any other payment card.

Digital tools for small fleets

Fleet managing made easy.

We know even managing a small fleet can be a complex operation, so we’re here to make life simple. bp’s Fuel & Charge card is more than just a payment card. It means access to an online platform specifically designed to support with fleet management. Customizable reporting allows you to track fuel consumption, transactions and purchases. While online invoicing and a unique 4-digit driver code makes cash and receipts a thing of the past.

Digital tools for small fleet managers.

The bp Fuel & Charge card comes with a whole host of benefits to make managing your fleet easy.

Minimize fraud risk & security issues


Each card has a unique 4-digit pin of your choice that protects against the risk of fraud. Set a variety of parameters to control your spending and detect misuse. 

Customizable reporting & fleet management tools


Manage your fleet quickly and easily with our online tools and comprehensive reports, 24/7.


Read more

Manage spend with no card fees


No cash. No receipts. No hidden charges. Manage all your cards online via bp Account Manager, allowing you to cancel, order or block cards instantly. 

Transparent VAT-approved invoicing


Access HMRC-approved invoices online and pay weekly via direct debit to support cashflow forecasting.

Find your nearest fuel pump or charge point.

Find your nearest fuel pump or charge point.

With the bp Fuel & Charge card, you have access to over 3,400* fuel sites and 12,000* charge points across the UK. Find your nearest bp fuel site on our live map, or download the bp Fuel & Charge app to locate your nearest charge point. 

Putting you in total control.

With BP Account Manager, you can manage your bp fuel cards online 24/7. Available as soon as you’ve been approved for the card, gain access to invoices and all transactions to help control costs and support with year-end reporting. Save time and reduce paperwork with one invoice for all energy types, vehicle related goods and service costs. Monitor irregularities, protect against the risk of fraud and set alerts.


  • View and download a list of all your active and inactive fuel cards
  • Order, replace and block fuel cards
  • Set up card for use with BPme app
The journey to EV starts here

Switching to EV just got easy.

We know that switching to EV doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we introduced the bp Fuel & Charge card. So you can easily switch between purchasing fuel or charging up your vehicles as you make the transition to electric. Just one example of how bp are helping small businesses on their journey to lower carbon. At bp, we have our eyes on the future and are best placed to support you to achieve your net zero ambitions.


  • The bp Fuel & Charge card can be used for existing EV’s in your fleet, not just new ones
  • Use the RFID chip for EV charging. You’ll find a card scanner to read the chip at public charge points 
  • Take advantage of bp pulse offers when you recharge, such as 50% off hot drinks at Wild Bean Café.

Leading the charge on the journey to EV.

The bp Fuel & Charge card comes with a whole host of tools and benefits to make your EV transition as smooth as possible.

Fill up & charge with one card


When you’re ready to switch to an EV, you can keep using the same card to fuel and charge your vehicles. You’ll be backed by first-class service and security with 24/7 online services through BP Account Manager. 

Over 12,000 charge points


One of the UK’s largest networks of public chargers. After bp recently partnered with third parties to extend the network, there are now over 12,000* strategically-located charge points for customers across the UK.


Ultra-fast charging


Access over 3,200* rapid and ultra fast charge points through the bp pulse network. Saving time and money. Our dedicated app locates your nearest charge points, identifying availability, connection type and recharging speed.

* Figures as of February 2024.

E-mission accomplished.

With the bp Fuel & Charge card, you have access to our dedicated EV mobile app which will help you locate your nearest charge point from over 12,000, simply select your vehicle model from the list provided and the app will find a suitable charging point for your vehicle.


With the EV mobile app you can:


  • Locate nearest available charging sites
  • Search for suitable charge points by car model
  • Check charging costs per vehicle
  • Confirm opening hours and CPO name
  • Verify exact distance to the nearest charging point
  • Filter by connector type, kilowatt power and availability


You are applying for a bp Fuel & Charge card, a hybrid solution that allows you to both fuelling and charging depending the needs of your vehicles. All with the same card.
bp Regular Diesel 3.5ppl off pump price
bp Ultimate Diesel 3.5ppl off pump price
bp Regular Unleaded 3.5ppl off pump price
bp Ultimate Unleaded 3.5ppl off pump price
bp LPG Pump price
bp Gasoil Pump price
Non-bp Motor Fuel (eg from an approved third party Site) Pump price
- Pump Price means the price paid at the pump for the relevant transaction
Charging Speed Fast
3.7 -22kW
150 kW>
Pence per Kwh** 38p* 53p* 57p*
System Fee** 10% 10% 10%
Overstay fee per
hour** (Usage for over 90min on Ultra-Fast and Rapid.)
Costs for electric charging using a bp Fuel and Charge Card at applicable third-party facilities are available via the bp Fuel & Charge App. An additional System Fee of [10%] shall apply**.
The above costs are invoiced on a reverse charge mechanism for VAT for customers with a VAT registration number. For customers without a VAT registration number, VAT will be charged at the standard rate. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
* where charged by the supplier.
**Prices are subject to change at any time.

B2M reserves the right to vary some or all of these charges (or to add additional charges) from time to time.
The customer will pay invoices by direct debit within 7 days of the invoice.


More information for the BP Fuel and Charge Card can be found on bp’s website. Use of the BP Fuel and Charge card is subject to the following conditions:
        - Conditions of use of BP Fuel Cards (as amended from time to time), which can be found on bp’s website www.bpplus.co.uk
        - bp pulse Terms (as amended from time to time) which can be found on www.bppulse.co.uk  
TARGET NEUTRAL (carbon offsetting service)
 Fuel Code  Description  Well-to-wheel (kgCO2e/litre)  Cost per tonne CO2e (£)  Cost per litre (£)
 D  Fuel diesel (avg biofuel blend)  3.12219  6.05  0.019
 P  Fuel petrol (avg biofuel blend)  2.8068  6.05  0.017
To order Fuel and Charge cards, please refer to the Fuel and Charge Card order form which is located on bp’s Online Services or please speak to your Account Manager to get a copy of the form.
We are processing all applications as quick as we can, keep an eye on your inbox as you will be notified as soon as your account is ready to use and your card has been posted. On the other hand, if you are not sure if you submitted your application properly, please review your inbox, as you should have received an email within 15-30 minutes to validate your submission.
The card does not need to be activated – once you have your card and PIN, you can start using it right away.
Use the fuel card as you would use a credit/debit card. Enter the vehicle registration and PIN at the till. You will be invoiced for the amount on your weekly invoice.
You will be invoiced weekly and payment will be taken by direct debit from your bank account on the due date of the invoice.
Yes, you definitely can! bp Fuel & Charge card is aimed for small fleets, even if you only have one vehicle. 

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