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Attractive pricing

Small businesses face many challenges. Let us help you with £30 back when you spend £60 at bp. 

We combine national networks with local partnerships to support small businesses. Fleets of any sizes, our combined solutions allow us to provide attractive pricing at forecourts and help your small business reduce costs.

  • Gain access to a 6p discount against the pump at all bp branded fuel sites for both diesel and petrol*
  • Reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective manner.
  • Spend less time on paperwork with HMRC recognised invoices, stored online in your personal secured account.
  • Control fuel spend better with efficient, digital solutions (BPme app).

Check the cashback terms and conditions here.

*6pence per litre discount offered when using a bp plus fuel and charge card at a bp branded site, acquired through partnership application form. 6pence discount is shown on weekly invoice, discount being calculated with the pump pricing shown at time of purchase.
SME F&C Card Teaser

Go greener, reduce costs and simplify management

Get £30 cashback when you spend £60 at a bp forecourt!

We want to help everyone get to net zero. Small fleets included. After all, small businesses represent 99.9% of private enterprises in the UK.

Whatever the size, any fleet can take part in working towards net zero while reducing costs with bp's helpful solutions. 


No matter the size of your fleet, you can reduce costs while moving towards electrifying your fleet with bp's helpful solutions.


Take advantage of a bp fuel card that combines fuelling and charging, reduce emissions with our dedicated programme, and make easy cashless payments with a mobile app. Use our innovative solution for a better tomorrow.


Get £30 cashback straight to your bank account when you spend £60 at a bp forecourt with your SME bp Fuel and Charge card.



If you are a member of RAM Tracking, you will be eligible for a bp Plus Fuel and Charge card – with a prescribed spend limit (£2500 a fortnight) in place straight away. All we need from you is an ID check against your driving licence (or passport).

The solution: bp Fuel and Charge card

Start your electrification journey with a combined solution

When you're ready to start switching to electric vehicles (EVs), look to the bp Fuel & Charge card for both your fuel and charging needs. 


Spread out costs of EVs over time

Reduce the cost of operating your fleet by adding EVs when you're ready and at your own pace.


Easy and efficient transition to EVs

Easily and efficiently add EVs to your business without additional fuel card contracts and paperwork. 


Data and invoices available online 24/7

Use our online portal to access transaction data and invoices for all vehicles including EVs.


Learn more about bp Fuel and Charge.

Helping families in South America switch from carbon intensive open fires, to more efficient concrete cookstoves.

bp Target Neutral

Connect your bp fuel card to carbon offsetting

Take a step on your low carbon journey with bp Target Neutral, our carbon offsetting programme available with your bp fuel card. Supporting
carbon reduction and avoidance projects, such as this one -  helping
families in South America switch from carbon intensive open fires, to more efficient concrete cookstoves.


Simple and suitable for small businesses

Easily lower emissions without additional contracts or outsourcing. Just rely on bp. 


View transaction data and offsets online

Carbon offsets are available on our 24/7 customer service online portal along with transaction data and invoices.



BPme and BPme Rewards

Make life easier and happier with BPme and BPme Rewards

Treat yourself and your drivers to BPme Rewards, our loyalty programme. It works alongside BPme,  the first mobile fuel payment app in the UK that connects to fuel cards.

Discover the benefits of BPme and BPme Rewards:

  • Make cashless payments without leaving your vehicle.
  • Earn redeemable points for shopping or fuelling at bp stations.
  • Redeem your points with our amazing partners!
  • Reduce paper waste. Transactions are saved to the app and emailed to your company. 
  • Easily track fuel spend with a digital solution.
  • Purchase fuel, vehicle services or shop for goods within our forecourts with the same solution.

Register today and get £2.50 on us!

Get 500 bonus points worth £2.50 when you register your BPme Rewards virtual card on BPme app.

Register here

Score big

Win incredible prizes like a pair of Premier League tickets or a 2022/23 shirt from your favourite Premier League Club.

Find out more

Start your application

What you need to know before you begin:

Instructions on how to apply



Takes about 20 minutes

The application process is about 20 minutes long. And we aim to have your application processed within 24hr.



Save as you go

You'll be able to create your own login and password to go back to your application and continue at a later time.



Download AutoIdent app

We will also request a photo verification through a secure mobile app, called AutoIdent, while validating your application.


What you will need to complete your application

This information is used to verify your business:




UK company registration number*

*not required for sole traders




Key customer ID information.

Driver license or passport for all key personnel.




Name of card holders/drivers or  vehicles registration numbers.




Registered company address and card mailing address.




Your business banking details.




Mobile phone numbers for all key personnel for SMS verification.