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Our Drinks

At Wild Bean Cafe, we're doing our part

Good coffee needs flavour and freshness. And we’ve always made ours with freshly-ground beans. Now at our Holborough and Byron SF Connect locations you’ll be able to enjoy delicious barista made coffee. As a national retailer of high-quality coffee, we take coffee seriously.


That’s why at our Holborough and Byron SF connect locations you’ll not only enjoy barista made coffee but like all our cafe's our bp beans are Rainforest Alliance certified and 100% sustainably sourced. Rainforest Alliance certified means that our farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their crop, and the coffee we sell protects the growers and their fields. In turn, pickers and their families get support with things like education, health and housing.

Luxury Hot Chocolate

Luxury Hot Chocolate, £4.00, 366kcal


Regular Latte, £3.20, 135kcal

Flat White

Flat White, £3.00, 101kcal


Regular Americano, £2.70, 1kcal

Double Espresso

Espresso, £2.20, 1kcal


Regular Cappuccino, £3.20, 135kcal


Regular Mocha, £3.35, 177kcal


Regular Tea, £2.50, 21kcal

Hot Chocolate

Regular Hot Chocolate, £3.25, 273kcal

Regular Iced Caramel Latte, £2.95, 230kcal

Regular Iced Caramel Latte, £3.20, 230kcal

Regular Caramel Fudge Latte

Regular Caramel Fudge Latte, £4.00, 334kcal