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Morgan, Mona, and Morven

We're developing offshore wind farms in the Irish and North Sea, contributing to the UK's 50GW offshore wind target for 2030.

Morgan, Mona, and Morven – our UK offshore wind projects
We are proud to be leading the development of the Morgan, Mona, and Morven projects with our partner EnBW. These have a combined potential generating capacity of 5.9 gigawatts, which we estimate is sufficient to power the equivalent of around 6 million households – helping to achieve the UK’s 50GW target by 2030.
  • Together our three wind farms could generate enough energy to power the equivalent of six million UK homes every year
  • Collectively, our three wind farms could have the combined potential generating capacity of 5.9 gigawatt
  • Our Morven project is expected to unlock £10 billion for offshore wind development and the skills and opportunities to support Scotland’s energy transition

In partnership with EnBW, we are developing offshore wind projects in two major UK locations with Morgan and Mona in the Irish Sea and Morven in the North Sea. Getting the turbine blades turning is complex and lengthy but our team is rising to the challenge.


To help lay the groundwork for new energy to flow from these projects, a team of over 200 people worked offshore to study the seabed. In just one year, our experts conducted our biggest-ever integrated offshore site survey programme in the UK, spending 496 days in vessels covering over 1,500 square kilometres.


Our plans go much further than just the turbines offshore. Our projects are expected to support thousands of direct and indirect jobs, strengthen port infrastructure with investment in the Port of Leith also helping it transform into Scotland’s largest offshore wind hub where our giant offshore wind turbine towers and blades will be assembled and deployed. The area has been secured as a marshalling port for our Morven offshore wind project by bp and our partner EnBW.


Alongside this, we plan to construct four ships to support our offshore wind projects across the UK, which are anticipated to involve an investment of more than £100 million and could support 500 associated jobs.
We also plan to make Aberdeen a centre of excellence for global operations and maintenance of offshore wind, which will create up to 120 new direct jobs and contribute up to £40 million a year to the economy.