As one of the UK’s largest low carbon hydrogen production facilities, H2Teesside aims to bring jobs, customers, and investment to Teesside.

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About H2Teesside

bp and ADNOC are proud to be leading the development of H2Teesside, targeting over 1GW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030 – 10% of the UK government’s hydrogen target of 10GW by 2030.  
Blue hydrogen

The project

H2Teesside will convert methane in natural gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. 

H2Teesside will capture approximately two million tonnes of CO₂ per year; equivalent to capturing the emissions from the heating of one million UK households. The CO₂ will be sent to
NEP for safe storage.   

H2Teesside will supply hydrogen to a diverse range of customers, including those already established in the region as well as new businesses attracted to low carbon hydrogen produced at scale. 
The quality of jobs and upskilling opportunities provided by the development of H2Teesside will also contribute to levelling-up efforts in the region. The project will support approximately 1200 jobs (direct and indirect) per year during construction and approximately 600 jobs per year once phase 1 of the project is operational. 
Alongside direct employment opportunities, bp will invest in green skills by launching a dedicated education skills programme for H2Teesside. The programme will  aim to reach more than 5,000 people to help inspire the next generation of talent, ensuring local people benefit from near-term job opportunities and advancing social mobility. 

Our health, safety, and environmental commitment

We are enabling the world to be a better place by providing low carbon energy to decarbonise energy systems. 

We care about people  - our employees and those that work with us. 
We care about the planet -  we provide clean energy to society, to reduce our impact and to protect and enhance biodiversity and habitats. 
We care about the communities in which we work in - to be a force for good, to listen and collaborate with the people in the areas where we work. 

No matter what, we aim to do the right thing and meet our obligations, comply with the law of the land and look to continuously improve. 



We believe H2Teesside will deliver significant benefits to the local community in Teesside.

As well as contributing to local economic development, the quality of jobs and upskilling opportunities provided by H2Teesside will contribute to levelling-up efforts in the region, supporting local people and helping to reverse the impact of recent industrial closures in the region. 

bp is working with local councils, authorities and educators to create a legacy in the region, support social mobility and enable a just transition that engages local community. This includes establishing a community fund that will provide £75,000 in grants annually for net zero-focused community projects, offering scale and business development services to local businesses focused on net zero and launching a low carbon community hub.

bp’s partnership with Redcar & Cleveland College will also support green skills and education initiatives on Teesside, providing £60,000 in funding for the development of the new Clean Energy Education Hub at the College. The Hub will specialise in clean energy and renewable industry training for school leavers, apprentices, and adult learners.

As a project, our behaviour will be open, constructive, collaborative and solutions-focused.  We will seek to: 

  • Listen to our stakeholders, and engage with integrity and respect
  • Set out our principles openly and transparently, published on the project website 
  • Recognise differences and work together to find mutually acceptable solutions that are reasonable and proportionate to our impact in the local area 

The partners


The UK has been bp’s home for more than a century. In that time, we‘ve helped provide the country with the energy it needs to run. As one of the UK’s largest businesses, our activities touch large parts of the UK.
To deliver on our purpose and reimagine energy for people and our planet, bp has set out an ambition to become a net zero company by 2050, or sooner, and help the world get to net zero. This means transforming from an international oil company, focused on producing resources, to an integrated energy company, providing energy solutions to customers.  
bp is already an established global hydrogen leader. As one of the largest producers of hydrogen in the world through its refinery business, bp has expertise across the hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Underground Storage (CCUS) ecosystem - covering blue and green hydrogen production, renewables generation, and mobility - and is committed to championing a hydrogen ecosystem in the UK. 
bp believes hydrogen could play a key role in its energy portfolio. It is a vital industrial decarbonisation solution and together with carbon capture and storage, which can play a critical role in securely and safely storing the vast majority of CO₂ emissions produced by heavy industry, will be critical to delivering net zero.  
bp is aiming for a 10% share in core hydrogen markets and has plans to develop early positions in hydrogen for heavy duty transport, aiming for more than 50 refuelling sites in core markets by 2030.  


ADNOC is one of the world's leading energy producers with a diversified product portfolio ranging from traditional to new energies. A primary catalyst for the growth and diversification of the UAE and Abu Dhabi economy, the company operates across the entire energy value chain with a network of fully-integrated businesses for exploration, production, storage, refining, petrochemicals, logistics and trading, as well as the development of a wide range of clean and new energies products.

ADNOC is already a major producer of over 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year, used largely for industrial purposes in its downstream facilities. In May 2021, ADNOC announced a world-scale one-million-tonnes-per-year low-carbon ammonia production facility at the new TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone, targeting start-up in 2025. The company already produces low-carbon ammonia and has sent demonstration cargoes to Japan, South Korea and Germany for customers to test its application.

Building on its experience and infrastructure; carbon capture, utilization and storge expertise and relations with energy customers globally, ADNOC aims to be one of the lowest-cost and largest producers of low-carbon hydrogen in the world – working closely with customers and partners to develop new markets for clean hydrogen and its derivatives and supporting others on their decarbonisation journeys.

ADNOC is redoubling its decarbonization ambition by investing in Masdar, creating a global clean energy powerhouse that consolidates the renewable energy and renewable hydrogen efforts of TAQA, Mubadala and ADNOC. This strategic partnership will place the UAE at the forefront of the energy transition and has laid the groundwork for ADNOC to become a world leader in renewable – also known as “green” – hydrogen.

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