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Locals Are Getting Helped, Here's a Story from Anom Village

Sharing and helping each other is always a lovely thing. The happiness is not just felt by those who are getting helped but also those willing to help. Social service activities are often conducted to show caring towards others. Like what PT Aneka Petroindo Raya (APR), a joint venture company between bp and AKR that manages BP-AKR service stations and the Indonesian Black Car Community – Tangerang Raya Chapter ( IBCC TANGRAY) have done together for their social activities. These community services were carried out from 27 December 2019 until 11 January 2020. However, everything that has been done and shared has become a story for the beneficiaries, namely the people of Anom Village, Tanjung Kait District, Tangerang Regency. Want to know more about Anom Village? Follow the full story here.
Anom Village
Anom Village

1. Chosen to be social service's beneficiary

In line with BP-AKR mission, namely "Everyday Brighter Move", the aim is to help locals have a brighter and better life in terms of facilities and life. It is hoped that this mission will have a positive impact for the community through social activities.


2. Accomplishing surau renovation and bridge construction

Within the community services conducted by BP-AKR and IBCC TANGRAY's, renovating facilities like surau and bridges are also considered. The bridge is one of Anom villagers' vital facilities to cross between villages for them to socialize and trade in the most convenient way. After the bridge's inauguration and the repair of the surau, the people of Anom Village feel more helpful in carrying out their activities.


3. Helping on food supplies

Food supply plays a vital role in our lives, it's everyone's necessities. However, it is not strange for these needs often not being fulfilled due to economic or transportation constraints. Through the social activities carried out by BP-AKR in commemoration of its birthday, the attention is non less only on public facilities, as well on the needs of food supply distributed in effort to help the people of Anom Village in their necessity. 


4. Renovating Emak Endu’s house

Another story from Anom Village comes from Emak Endu, as one of the beneficiaries that got help for house renovation. This is a form of aid and appreciation from BP-AKR and IBCC TANGRAY to Emak Endu as one of the hard workers in the village that works as a cook in fishing charters with wages below minimum. The renovation on Emak Endu's house has been completed, with hope to provide her a comfortable shelter to live in.

Anom Village