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Agropastoral project

Agropastoral project
The feasibility studies bp conducted in Ndiago identified agropastoral as a sector in need of support.


As a result, bp and its partners, KOSMOS and Societe Mauritanienne des Hydrocabures (SMH), developed a project to empower local communities, in particular women and young people, to revitalize the horticulture and livestock sectors by strengthening the existing organizational skills and improving the production capacities and income of agro-pastoralists.

With the help of implementing partner AMAD, a plan was put in place to introduce new techniques for the production, transformation and marketing of agro-pastoral products.

The project is based on active participation from the communities to promote economic and social self-development that is sustainable in the long-term.

Several activities were implemented or received further investments, thanks to this project. 

  • Establishment of management committees and farmers organizations to provide platforms to discuss issues in the sector, identify areas of development and provide opportunities to share best practice
  • Training sessions in various subjects including admin and financial management and different working models (i.e.cooperatives)
  • Establishment of 5 farms on the banks of the Senegal River
  • Supported cooperatives by introducing new production techniques such as modern poultry farming and irrigation
  • Introduction of herd vaccination 
  • Establishment of 1 fodder crop perimeters for the benefit of 2 cooperatives
  • Established a modern chicken coop for meat and eggs in the form of an EIG
  • Establishment of a semi-modern mini dairy for the manufacture and sale of milk
Agropastoral project
This project is part of bp’s wider commitment to support social and economic development through the enhancement of local resources and to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations in Mauritania.