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Potable water in Ndiago

Potable water in Ndiago. filtering process
As part of the programme to support the fishing communities, bp and partners SMH and Kosmos, also implemented a project to bring potable water in areas of Ndiago and nearby localities of Ebden, Mboyo 1 and Mboyo 2.


Issues linked to lack of pumping capacity and problems with pipe connections, prevented the inhabitants from accessing clean water, meaning that people were often drinking dirty, salty water, often carrying diseases. 


Following a technical study and work with the government – a 200m3 water tower and a mains network were built by bp’s implementing partner Ecodev, to supplement the State /ONSER system.

The water tower built in 2020-2021

The water tower built in 2020-2021

The completion of the project in 2021 has been life-changing project for the communities living in these areas, brining clean water to approx. 3000 people, for the first time in history.

The project was completed in 2020-2021 and was of even more critical importance as it happened during the year of the Covid pandemic when people had less chances to move around.