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Health project in Ndiago

Community health promoting access to healthcare
When bp started its operations in Mauritania, one of the priorities identified was to promote access to healthcare for Ndiago communities. 

Villages nearby Ndiago lacked access to basic healthcare services due to limited transport options and a limitation of local medical services. For some, these constraints meant they often didn’t seek the care needed. 

To tackle these issues, in October 2018, bp with its partners Kosmos and SMH, started a programme to promote access to primary healthcare for Ndiago’s inhabitants, as well as to improve the level of information on a number of health topics. 

The programme invested in essential equipment to support local health personnel, trainings for community workers, door-to-door awareness campaigns and in the setup of so-called “medical caravans”, which travelled around the villages as mobile clinics, improving the accessibility of care for the population.