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Supporting local economic development in Mauritania

Two men fishing
Fishing, and its entire industry value chain, has always been central to Mauritania’s economy and the main livelihood for hundreds of families living in the Ndiago community. 

Recognizing that this sector is one of the key economic sectors in the country, bp has made the support of the fishing community a central part of its social investment strategy, since entering in Mauritania.  

Based on consultation and feedback from the communities, bp and partners developed and implemented a programme to address the most pressing community needs and to improve the fishermen’s working conditions.  

The programme entails a series of activities setting the foundation of long-term support to the communities including: 


  • Feasibility studies to understand needs and priorities of communities in the country’s key economic areas. The key sectors identified were fishing and agriculture
  • Upgrade and extension of the local water infrastructure in Ndiago
  • HSE training and ongoing coaching on marine safety 
  • Development of an institutional fishing community by establishing Fishermen’s’ Advisory Board
  • Establishment of local microfinance fund

Development of a fishing centre in Ndiago 


bp and partners also invested in the development of a small fishing centre in Ndiago to provide a clean and safe space for fishing activities. 

Fishing centre

Developing financial literacy activities 


As part of the local economic development programme, bp and partners have also invested in the development of initiatives to promote financial literacy in the communities. 

This includes an awareness-raising campaign on micro-credit activities, delivered by outreach officers with an aim of enhancing awareness and understanding of micro-credit and training on savings, to establish a saving culture in the community.

Developing financial literacy activities

Financial training session in the community