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bp for Business

bp provides more than two billion litres of fuel to New Zealand organisations each year. Our customers include trucking fleets, emergency services, shipping companies, farmers, and commercial airlines. It’s a big task, but bp know just how vital our services and supply operations are for New Zealand


We have over 200 service stations and over 58 Truckstops, a large network of port and inland terminals, and a large shareholding in the refinery and specialist coastal ship company. With unwavering focus on providing the highest quality products and services, we are committed to meet the energy needs of your business.

BP Fuelcard

bp Fuelcard

Apply for a bp Fuelcard online and see how easy
saving can be. 


Find out more about the app and how to download and set it up. You can also watch videos showing you how to load your cards, pay for fuel from your car, pre-order coffee and more
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