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wildbean cafe

Is a barista-made coffee calling your name? Are you going in circles for donuts? Or maybe your mind is melting for a cheese toastie? It’s enough to drive you cravey. At wildbean cafe, you can find whatever’s on your mind.

Delicious menu

Whether you’re after a quick fix or a slow indulgence, take a look at our menu and let your cravings pick for you.

delicious menu
Special  offers

Special offers

Classic Pie +Drink (coffee/coke/water): $9

Mix your faves: 5 poppas or bites for $6.50

Medium hot drink + muffin: $7.50

T&C's apply

Everyday Rewards 


Every scan with Everyday Rewards means points or rewards like, every 6th barista made wildbean cafe coffee is free!


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delicious menu


Cravings can’t wait? Save time when you pre-order and pay for your coffee with BPme. Available nationwide.

Coffee quality

When you’re craving the perfect cup of coffee, only the best brew will do. That’s why our friendly baristas use 100% Fairtrade & Organic Coffee Beans. A rich, full-bodied roast with a dark chocolate profile and smooth finish. If your cravings aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll make you another one for free.

Coffee  quality