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Wild Bean Cafe

At Wild Bean Cafe we're known for our quality, barista made coffee. But we offer so much more to those on the go. You'll find an abundance of great food to choose from. So what will it be today? Something sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent?

Single Origin Colombian and Signature Blend available at Wild Bean Cafe


Single Origin Colombian joins our classic Signature Blend in stores across the nation. This is Colombian coffee at its finest, made to meet any coffee connoisseur’s high standards.


A light roast creates the perfect balance of smooth, delicate, rich notes, complemented by a hint of sweet caramel for a bold taste that is sure to satisfy. But the goodness doesn’t stop with the flavour. These Arabica beans, handpicked from the mountainous slopes of Popayan, Cauca are 100% organic and Fairtrade certified, making every sip all the more satisfying.


So there’s only one question – Signature Blend or new Single Origin Colombian? We’ll let you decide.

Our barista guarantee

We're known for our quality, barista made coffee. Our talented baristas are happy to guarantee your satisfaction every time, so if your coffee's not just how you like it, we'll make another for free!

Wild Bean Cafe sandwich and coffee

On the menu

Every cup of our premium Fairtrade Certified coffee and hot chocolate is made to an exceptionally high standard by our team of talented baristas. We also have a fine range of tasty treats to suit every mood.