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bp starts production at Argos

Release date:
13 April 2023
Argos, bp’s fifth deepwater platform in the Gulf of Mexico, has successfully started up, marking the first new bp operated production facility there since 2008

Boosting production

The centerpiece of the Mad Dog 2 project, Argos has a gross capacity of up to 140,000 barrels of oil per day and is expected to ultimately boost bp’s Gulf of Mexico gross operated production capacity by an estimated 20% through its subsea well system.


Operating in 4,500 feet of water about 190 miles south of New Orleans, Argos is an important part of our strategy in the region, where bp aims to increase production to 400,000 barrels per day by the mid-2020s. Standing 27 stories tall, the platform has a deck the length and width of an American football field and weighs more than 60,000 tons. It will also support 250 permanent jobs.

An infographic that explains bp's Argos platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Journey to Texas

Watch how the Argos platform was prepared for its sailaway from South Korea to Texas.