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bp’s low carbon trading team expands RNG portfolio

Release date:
5 May 2021
Trading & shipping (T&S) recently announced several renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the US that will help cut methane emissions at dairies and other agriculture facilities
We can trap the methane in biowaste

Why it matters: Reducing methane emissions – which have a higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide – is a critical part of bp’s net zero ambition.


How is bp in action? bp is collaborating with other companies who have experience, expertise and a shared vision for a lower carbon future.  


Clean Energy: We have launched a new joint venture with Clean Energy that will own new RNG projects at dairies and other agriculture facilities.

• Clean Energy is the largest provider of transportation fuel in the US and has RNG agreements with trucking companies, transit agencies and other transportation fleets.  


Aria Energy: A separate joint venture between bp and Aria Energy will capture methane from waste at four dairy farms in California and process it into RNG, which T&S will sell to the transportation sector.


"This is a great opportunity to expand our RNG business and help meet the growing demand for natural gas vehicle fuel. RNG can play an important role in reducing emissions in the transportation sector and helping bp and the world get to net zero emissions."

 — David Bucknall, SVP refining and products trading