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BP debuts new fuel, refreshed look for BP-branded retail sites

Release date:
February 22, 2019

CHICAGO – BP will launch an improved version of its leading fuel brand, known as BP gasoline with Invigorate, and is upgrading its BP-branded network of retail stations this year, the company announced today at the BP Amoco Marketers Association (BPAMA) conference in Miami, Fla. 


BP will introduce the improved gasoline at retail stations in April, and BP’s branded marketers now have the opportunity to refresh their sites with brighter canopy lighting, new signs and a bolder paint scheme to improve curb appeal and enhance their customer experience. An advertising campaign featuring TV, radio, billboards, digital and promotions will accompany the launch.   


“In 2016, BP’s commitment to its branded marketers will be unparalleled,” said John Carey, senior vice president of sales and marketing for BP Fuels North America. “That commitment begins with the launch of BP’s best-ever fuel, which builds upon the strengths of our prior products. It continues throughout the year with a significant site refresh program, continued focus on our BP Driver Rewards offer and a steady stream of exciting promotions to help drive fuel and store sales growth.” 


BP also will continue to support its successful customer loyalty program, known as BP Driver Rewards. The program, which has grown steadily since it was re-introduced in May 2015, recently was improved again with the addition of a Visa-linking option. 


"Since we re-introduced the program, we have seen a 10 percent increase in average BP station visits per month from active members, and there has been an 8 percent increase in volume,” said Donna Sanker, head of marketing for BP Fuels North America. “We will continue to explore new areas for engaging with our consumers in 2016.” 


Pete Mancini, the 2016 chairman of the BPAMA and president of Chicago-based Parent Petroleum, said that he is impressed with the amount of investment that BP is making in the brand and pleased with the renewed focus on growth. “It’s a good time to be part of the BP brand,” he said.


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