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BPme Rewards

A man and cellphone with the text "BPme Rewards update: no minimum spend! It's easier than ever to 5¢ on every gallon with BPme Rewards"

We've made saving simpler!

Enjoy no minimum spend and instant 5¢ savings on every gallon, every time you fuel up, only with BPme Rewards. And don’t forget to check your app for special bonus offers toward additional savings on fuel.


Start saving with BPme Rewards today:

A lime green circle with an forest green icon of a hand with a finger outstretched, touching a download button
Join BPme Rewards
Download the BPme app, register for BPme Rewards, and add a payment card.
A lime green circle with an forest green icon of a gas station pump
Find a station
and start fueling
Pull into a bp or Amoco station, then use the app to select your pump and pay.
A lime green circle with an forest green icon of an open hand, holding a coin with a dollar sign on it
Instant 5¢ savings!
Save on every gallon, every time you fill up with no minimum spend. Saving is only this easy with BPme Rewards!

Get the most as a BPme Rewards member

Through the BPme app you can:

  • Keep track of and view receipts
  • Earn and unlock unlimited rewards
  • Find a station near you and start fueling up
  • Text APP to 38831 to download1
A picture of a man wearing a large hat, leaning against the side of a car and looking at his cellphone, which he is holding with both hands, overlaid with the text "BPme rewards"

Find peace of mind with Price Match

This first-of-its-kind program, only from BPme Rewards, compares prices at nearby competitor stations up to 2 miles away! Subscribe to Price Match2 for 99¢ a month, so you can stop searching and start saving on your bp and Amoco fuel purchases! New Price Match subscribers get the first 30 days free.

A picture of a woman in the driver's seat of a car looks at a cellphone with the car door open, overlaid with the text "BPme rewards"


Savings at your fingertips

Green circle with number 1
Skip the pin pad
Dodging weather? Wanna keep jamming out? Now you can pay and save right from your driver’s seat.
Green circle with number 2
Instant rewards
Get your rewards with the tap of a finger. No waiting required!
Green circle with number 3
Receipts right where
you need them
Go paperless. All your receipts are saved automatically.
A picture of a couple unloading grocery bags from the trunk of their SUV, overlaid with the text "BPme rewards Visa"

BPme Rewards Visa

Maximize your rewards with BPme Rewards and the BPme Rewards Visa.3 Get unlimited perks that always keep you saving.

How to use BPme Rewards
Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the BPme mobile app from the Apple or Google Play stores on your phone, or you can visit www.bp.com/bpme-rewards-registration. From there, once you finish registration, you will be signed up for BPme Rewards, and can begin saving on your bp or Amoco fuel purchases right away!
No, there is no fee to join BPme Rewards.
You will need to have a mobile phone to download the BPme mobile app to register for BPme Rewards,  or can register online at www.bp.com/bpme-rewards-registration. You will also need to establish a valid email address to use during registration. We require all BPme Rewards members to have a valid email address and unique phone number so we can ensure all important messages about BPme Rewards can reach you, and to ensure your account stays secure and associated to you only. 
If you would like to participate in the BPme Rewards program without using the BPme App, you can register online at bp.com/bpme-rewards-registration. Once registered, you will then be able to use your mobile phone number as your alternate ID (ALT ID) at the pump or inside the store for your fuel purchase to qualify for BPme Rewards.
If you have been given a Promo Code to use when creating a new account with BPme Rewards, you will enter that code within the “Promo Code” box on the first page of the registration process. If the code was successfully applied, check your email for any next steps needed to earn or use the reward associated with that special code.
When you register for BPme Rewards, you will immediately begin to get 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase at bp and Amoco stations. There are no restrictions and no minimum spend requirement.
BPme Rewards are automatically redeemed on fuel purchases at bp or Amoco. If you have an active reward, it will be redeemed automatically on your next fuel purchase. No action is needed on your part to get the discount.
There are several ways to see your rewards history. Following each fuel purchase made using the BPme mobile app, you will receive a mobile receipt, either by email or in your app, which will show the savings applied to the fuel purchase. You can also receive a printed receipt for non-mobile purchases which will also show your savings applied. Finally, if you check the Rewards section in your BPme Rewards account, you can see a list of transaction history showing the amount saved on each fuel purchase.
The $100 fuel spend threshold has been removed. There is no monthly spend minimum and no restrictions for BPme Rewards members to receive their 5 cent per gallon reward.
Occasionally, BPme Rewards members will receive Bonus Rewards on top of the 5 cent BPme Reward amount. When you have an Active Bonus Reward on your account, it will be applied to your next fuel purchase.
A picture of a man sitting a desk, looking at an open laptop computer on the webpage for BPme rewards online

No app? No problem.

Register for BPme Rewards online and enter your phone number at the pump to save. Plus, use any payment method accepted–including cash and Fleet cards–when you fuel up. BPme Rewards Visa cardholder? Simply swipe your card or add your card to the BPme app to receive your rewards.

1Recurring automated marketing messages will be sent to the mobile number provided at opt in. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Msg and data rates may apply. Text STOP to quit and HELP for help. View terms of use and privacy statement.
2For a subscription fee of 99 cents per month, if you purchase at least 8 gallons of fuel in a BPme Rewards transaction from any bp or Amoco branded station, bp will use GasBuddy® to compare the posted credit price you paid against the posted credit price at the same time at any Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Chevron, and Marathon branded stations within a half radius of the bp or Amoco station where you purchased your fuel. If no stations exist within the half mile radius, bp will expand the search until a competitor site is found, up to 2 miles. Price matching will be unavailable if there are no stations within a two mile radius. If one of these stations has a lower posted credit price, bp will provide you with a cent per gallon savings that will be automatically applied to your next BPme Rewards fuel transaction with bp, up to a maximum of 5 cents per gallon. Price match is unavailable for the purchase of diesel fuel. See bp’s Price Match Program Terms and Conditions for more details.
3See the Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for details including earning, redemption, expiration, and forfeiture. The % back rewards are earned as points. BP Fuel Purchases using a mobile wallet (such as Apple Pay®) will not receive a price reduction if payment system infrastructure is not in place to provide the price reduction. In those instances, the purchase will be eligible to earn rewards points instead. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. For additional information about Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), fees and other costs, see the Summary of Credit Terms. Cards are issued by First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO®), pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa and Visa Signature are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association and used under license. 
*Subscription fee of 99¢/month & purchase of at least 1 gal of fuel required in a BPme Rewards transaction. New Price Match subscribers get the first 30 days free. Posted credit price at bp/Amoco will be compared to the posted credit price according to GasBuddy® at any fuel station within a 2 mile radius at the same time. If we find a lower price, your Price Match savings are capped at a maximum of 5c/gal. Terms & conditions apply: bp.com/price-match-terms.
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