External Monitoring

Independent advisory panels have helped BP in recent years to navigate social complexities and challenging socio-economic circumstances.

Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel (TIAP)

The implementation of BP's social programs at Tangguh is under the close scrutiny of the Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel (TIAP) and the Tangguh Lenders Group.

Since 2002 TIAP has provided independent advice to BP in Indonesia, assessing and suggesting areas for progress on non-commercial aspects of Tangguh LNG. Reports from TIAP and BP's responses can be found here.

The first panel was chaired by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell and includes Lord Hannay of Chiswick from the U.K., Ambassador Sabam Siagian from Jakarta, and the Reverend Herman Saud from Jayapura. In July 2009 a new Panel was appointed with Pak Augustinus Rumansara based in Jayapura, and in June 2011 he was joined by former United States Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle who chairs the new TIAP.

Tangguh Lenders Group

The Tangguh Lenders Group - represented by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Mizuho Corporate Bank - has established an External Panel staffed by independent experts who visit Tangguh regularly and publish their reviews on the ADB website of compliance with issues connected to safety, environment, resettlement, indigenous people and progress with the social programs.