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Everything you need to manage your Air bp account

Did you know, as an Air bp customer you have access to a range of useful tools to make it easy for you to manage your account?


Keep this link safe for easy access to the following resources:

  • myairbp fuel pricing and ordering
  • managing cards
  • managing invoices
  • updating details
  • where to find Air bp
  • setting newsletter preferences.
All in one computer, isolated.


myairbp fuel pricing and ordering

Access the latest product prices, order products, manage orders and make contact with Air bp, all within one easy to access platform.


myairbp accounts and invoices

Easily access invoice and account detail, export information, raise invoice queries and view details of uninvoiced deliveries within myairbp. You can also opt to receive PDF invoices via email. 

myairbp card management

You can now manage your Sterling cards from within myairbp alongside your fuel pricing and ordering tools. View existing, cancelled or suspended cards. Cancel cards that are lost, stolen or not required. Order new grade-specific cards and manage your delivery address.

Please note, for a short time you can also manage your cards via the old link here.

Managing invoices

With myinvoice you can view all your invoices and raise any invoice queries
You can also
opt to receive PDF invoices via email.

Find out more about myinvoice.
Get log on help for myinvoice.

Updating details

Need to change your name, address or email? Keep your account information up to date using this link.

Where to find Air bp

Find out about opening hours, fuels available and contact information for airports around the world.

Air bp news

Our monthly newsletter keeps you up to date with industry news, exclusive interviews with Air bp's customers, partners and industry experts. For convenience, the links in this email also feature in every issue, along with the option to manage your preferences for receiving updates from Air bp.

Further queries

Using the links above is the quickest way to manage your account.
If you need any further support please contact sterling@bp.com