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Airfield Automation rolled out at 300th location

Release date:
June 2021
Air bp at Magdeburg City Airport. 4 staff members in front of fuel truck
Three years after we first rolled out our Airfield Automation digital technology, Magdeburg City Airport (ZMG/ EDB) in Germany has become the 300th location to implement the award-winning solution


Designed to enhance safety and reliability in airport fuelling operations, Airfield Automation has been well received by operators who have reported increased speed, accuracy and efficiency in refuelling. In Portugal, one of the first countries where the technology was rolled out, the time taken to get fuelling data into the system has reduced by 95%. Another benefit of Airfield Automation is that requests for copies of delivery tickets can be responded to immediately without, in most instances, requiring action from the airport.


New services recently added to the platform now mean that aircraft operators will also benefit from the opportunity to further enhance efficiency. These include the real-time two-way connection between flight crew and fuel operator during the aircraft turnaround at the airfield which trials have shown result in a 15 – 30% reduction in the refuelling time. From receiving the preliminary order through to a revised final order, concluding with an electronic ticket sign off, the service provides instant visibility and more efficient refuelling operations.


“Our latest innovation seamlessly connects pilot with operator, helping to unlock savings by increasing data accuracy, maximising efficiency, and helping to reduce turnaround times. We’re continuing to roll this innovative technology out in countries around the world.” Valerio Ferro, vice president sales and marketing, Air bp.



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