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Fuelling COP26 with SAF

Release date:
October 2021
Martin Thomsen, SVP aviation, bp (left) and British Airways chief executive officer and chairman Sean Doyle (right)
Martin Thomsen, SVP aviation, bp (left) and British Airways' chief executive officer and chairman Sean Doyle (right).


With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, taking place in Scotland at the end of October we’re delighted to be supplying sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) during the event at Glasgow International (GLA/ EGPF), Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK/ EGPK) and Edinburgh International Airport (EDI/ EGPH)


Global leaders and delegates heading to Glasgow in Scotland from 31 October to 12 November for this year’s COP26 will be able to refuel with SAF, therefore reducing lifecycle carbon emissions by around 80% compared to traditional jet fuel. Our SAF product will be available at all three main event airports: Glasgow International, Edinburgh International and Glasgow Prestwick.


Made from sustainable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, the SAF supplied by Air bp is blended with traditional jet fuel. Once blended, the fuel is certified as Jet A-1 and is identical in performance and quality to fossil jet fuel. It is safe, compliant and thoroughly tested for use in all jet aircraft.


In addition to SAF being available to all private aviation customers upon request, we have also collaborated with British Airways to source SAF with respect to all its flights between London, Glasgow and Edinburgh during this year’s climate change summit.


“We’re thrilled to collaborate with British Airways by supplying SAF with respect to all of its flights from London to Glasgow and Edinburgh for the COP26 event. Our companies have a long-standing relationship and will continue to work together on SAF supply initiatives on an ongoing basis.” We want to help decarbonise the aviation industry and we will continue to collaborate with industry stakeholders and governments to explore viable options to help scale up SAF more broadly.” Martin Thomsen, SVP aviation, bp.



For more information on Air bp’s SAF please click here.