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Our award-winning Fuel data platform rolls out at 18 airports in Greece

Release date:
December 2022
Air bp’s innovative safe2go fuel data platform (formerly known as Airfield Automation) has now been deployed at 18 airports in Greece. The roll out is part of an agreement with our new customer, Greek Into-plane Service and Storage Company (GISSCO). 


Part of a joint venture (JV) including bp Hellenic and Shell – Motor Oil Aviation, GISSCO was founded in 2004. It represents the largest fuel ground handling company in Greece and refuels more than 60,000 flights to destinations worldwide each year. The deployment of Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform through GISSCO is part of our wider plan to expand the reach of our award-winning platform by marketing to fuel operators at non-Air bp operated locations. 


The safe2go fuel data platform consists of several digital solutions that provide efficiencies to the refuelling process, both on the ground and at back office – one of these being safe2go fuelling app, a bp patented misfuel prevention technology to help significantly reduce the risk of into-plane misfuelling. 


Commenting on the platform’s roll-out at the 18 Greek airports, Yannis Bitounis, general manager, GISSCO S.A. said: “Having reviewed the options available that enabled airline and fuel supplier integration, analytics for optimising operations and value proposition as well as actively prevent misfuelling, we chose Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform. We are delighted with its performance so far in terms of enhancing safety and reliability in refuelling operations. It met all our needs, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.” 


Meanwhile, Elida Cavic, vice president aviation, South Europe, Middle East & Africa at Air bp, added: “The safe2go fuel data platform and safe2go fuelling app provides both an engineering barrier to actively help prevent misfuelling and enhanced efficiency and reliability in refuelling operations. Any fuel operator can use this technology as a cost-effective solution when digitising their fuelling operations and we would be delighted to work with them.” 


First rolled out in 2018, our safe2go fuel data platform has been deployed at almost 600 locations in 44 countries around the world. Since launching, over 3.7 million fuellings in total have been processed using the technology and we are delighted to have surpassed our 630,000th overwing refuelling using our safe2go fuelling app misfuel prevention technology. 


In September Air bp was named Safety Innovator of the Year for our safe2go fuel data platform at the Australian Aviation Awards 2022. The accolade marks the fourth award for the technology following three awards won at the UK Real IT Awards in 2020. 


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