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Refuelling helicopters with SAF

Release date:
October 2021
Helicopter being refuelled by SAF truck
We’re delighted to be collaborating with CHC Helicopter Service to provide sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for its offshore helicopter flights operating out of Sola Airport (SVG/ ENZV) in Stavanger, Norway


The Norwegian Government introduced a 0.5% biofuel blending mandate for jet aviation in 2020. Now CHC Helicopter Service is contributing to cutting emissions further and helping the Norwegian aviation industry achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. It is using SAF supplied by Air bp and blended at 35% for its helicopter flights to the Equinor, Vår Energi and Lundin oil and gas installations.


The first flight for CHC Helicopter Service – a demonstration flight operated by a Sikorsky S-92 – took place on 15 September. The SAF supplied by Air bp is made from sustainable feedstocks and is blended with traditional jet fuel. It reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by around 80% compared to traditional jet fuel and is certified as Jet A-1, so is safe to use and identical in performance and quality to fossil jet fuel.


“We want to show that the offshore helicopter sector takes the climate challenge seriously and is focused on increasing the use of biofuels. Therefore, we are pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate to key players in the industry that flying with 35% mixed biofuel is both a safe and more climate-friendly way to transport those who work on the shelf to and from the installations.” Helge Nesvåg, commercial director, CHC Helicopter Service.



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