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Signing contracts with Air bp now even easier!

Release date:
March 2021
esignature screen
We have recently introduced electronic signatures for signing contracts, tenders and location agreements


By introducing a secure, paperless method when signing documents, we are simplifying and streamlining the administrative process for both our customers and account managers. Finalised contracts can now be signed by all parties in less than a minute, no matter where the respective signatories are based. 


There is no need for you to download any software or purchase any additional licences. The respective customer will receive an Air bp branded notification email with a link to a secure digital platform where they can sign the document electronically. Once both parties have signed, the document is then emailed to the assigned signatories as a PDF file. 


We are also looking at how this technology can be used elsewhere, where signatures are required. 


What are the benefits of using eSignature? 

The benefits of electronic signatures is that they’re quick, secure, legally-binding and cost effective. The introduction of eSignature is just one of many ways in which we’re embracing digital technology to enhance our offering and ensure we continue to offer a safe, reliable, cost-efficient service.


To find out more about eSignatures click here and if you have a document in hand requiring urgent action – talk to your account manager.