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Teaming up with Pratt & Whitney on SAF testing and research

Teaming up with Pratt & Whitney on SAF testing and research
With continued collaborations integral to achieving the industry’s low-carbon goals, we are thrilled to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. The agreement will see us working together to explore a “viable supply” of 100% SAF for engine and propulsion systems testing through 2024. 


The MoU reflects both Air bp’s and Pratt & Whitney’s commitment to decarbonising aviation through various workstreams with respect to the application of SAF blends at up to 100% in Pratt & Whitney engine testing and research. 


“The commercial aviation industry must use multiple approaches when it comes to addressing the challenges of sustainable aviation. One immediate opportunity is to radically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while we continue to improve engine efficiency. Neat SAF from a major integrated energy company that is highly focused on SAF initiatives enables the evaluation, testing and validation needed to ensure that our engines are fully capable of operating with 100% SAF,” said Graham Webb, Chief Sustainability Officer at Pratt & Whitney. 



As part of the agreement we will also collaborate with Pratt & Whitney on researching the performance of 100% SAF in propulsion systems to provide insights and data into fuel performance and emissions reductions. 



Andreea Moyes, Air bp’s sustainability director added: “We are delighted to work with Pratt & Whitney to test SAF in US engine testing facilities. As we continue to develop new technologies and feedstocks, some of which may be unique to US availability, it will be very useful for both companies to collaborate on testing and understanding fuel performance and, on working on increasing SAF utilisation in engines up to 100%.” 



For more information on Air bp’s SAF please click here.