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The best way to resolve invoicing queries

Release date:
July 2021
Did you know that if you have a query on an invoice or statement, then the easiest and most efficient way to get it resolved is by using myinvoice?


myinvoice makes it easy to raise queries on an invoice or a specific delivery within an invoice 24/7 from your laptop, tablet or mobile.


Simply log on to myinvoice. Under the Transactions menu, you can access the desired invoice from within any of the invoice sections. Select the invoice you’d like to query, and you will then be able to see more details regarding that specific invoice, as well as the option to ‘Dispute invoice’ on the page footer.


You can raise a query on a delivery or invoice level. In addition to the ‘dispute reasons’ provided, you also have the option to include further details, including your phone number if you would like someone to call you back.


Disputes can also be tracked through to resolution and when the dispute is resolved you will receive an email to ensure you are happy with the outcome.


To find out more about how to resolve an invoice query using myinvoice please click here.