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View from the cockpit

Release date:
December 2021

Watch a short video of Max Ellison

Back in July we caught up with our latest UK Sterling Pilot Scholar, 20-year-old Max Ellison from County Clare in Ireland, who was in the middle of acquiring his private pilot’s licence (PPL). We’re delighted to report that Max has successfully completed his PPL and is now looking forward to taking to the skies as a qualified pilot.  Click on the image above to watch our video of Max flying high as part of his PPL


“Achieving my PPL has always been a life-long goal of mine,” he told Sterling card. “Ever since I can remember I have had a deep-rooted love for aviation, but it has never felt more a part of my life than now. I am hugely proud to follow in my grandad and great-grandad’s footsteps by attaining my pilot’s licence,” he said, explaining that taking to the skies over a century after his great-grandfather first did is a very special feeling.


“Before receiving the Air bp Sterling Scholarship, a PPL always felt out of my reach. Finally, being able to call myself a pilot fills me with an overwhelming amount of pride and joy, and I can’t wait to further explore what holding a PPL has to offer.”

As for what the future holds for Max? “Like my great-grandfather, I hope to become a pilot in the RAF. In the months to come, I intend to apply, following my ambition to be a fast jet pilot. To prepare myself for the selection process, I plan on growing my leadership and teamwork skills. Getting a PPL was always going to be the hardest step in my ‘checklist’ before joining the RAF. Having completed that, I can now focus on polishing off my application. I have always had a craving for travel and adventure, and thanks to Air bp’s scholarship programme, a whole new world of opportunities has now opened up for me.”


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