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Airfield Automation rolls out in Greece and Brazil

Release date:
March 2020
Airfield Automation rolls out in Greece and Brazil
Following the roll out of Airfield Automation at Megara (LGMG) and Syros (JSY/ LGSO) Airports last year, Ioannina King Pyrros (IOA/ LGIO) and Sitia (JSH/ LGST) are the latest airports in Greece to benefit from our pioneering technology


Meanwhile, in Brazil, we have also completed the roll out of our digital technology at airports across São Paulo state. This includes Guarulhos (GRU/ SBGR) Campo de Marte (MAE/SBMT), Ribeiro Preto (RAO/SBRP), Viracopos International (VCP/SBKP), HBR São Paulo and Helicidade Heliport (HLC/SIBH).

Designed to help prevent misfuelling, our innovative cloud-based platform enhances safety, reliability and compliance in airport fuelling operations. It works by consolidating data related to airport fuelling operations and delivers this information via an app to a handheld device in fuelling vehicles. 

Aside from the enhanced safety barriers, aircraft operators at these locations now benefit from faster, more comprehensive and more accurate fuelling and delivery data. The cloud-based technology will enable Air BP to offer increasingly integrated information to your customers, such as delivery records and precise delivery timings. Airfield Automation’s electronically printed delivery tickets coupled with its misfuelling prevention barriers means customers can take advantage of a faster, safer and better service during fuel uplifts at our locations across Greece and Brazil. 


Commenting on the introduction of Airfield Automation at Helicidade Heliport, Air BP customer, Marco Antônio Beolchi Adami, Captain at Rio Bonito Comunicação said: “Since implementing Airfield Automation in November, the fuelling process has become much more efficient. Refuelling and turnaround times can be tight, especially when you have two aircraft landing and taking off within a short space of time. With this technology, we now have an extra layer of safety to prevent misfuelling. The technology is a welcome addition to the heliport and I am very happy to see it in place.”



With misfuelling one of the greatest risks faced by our industry we’re delighted to be contributing to better fuelling services across Greece and Brazil.


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