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Victor looks beyond carbon offsetting

Release date:
September 2019
Aerial view of a runway at sunset
We have been collaborating with leading private jet charter services provider Victor for the last year in a pioneering carbon offsetting programme for jet charter routes. Supported by BP Target Neutral, we are now delighted to reveal that Victor has achieved beyond carbon neutral status in its business operations by offsetting double its total carbon footprint


The total carbon footprint of Victor’s operations has been calculated with commitments to reduce emissions as part of a long-term carbon reduction plan. Residual emissions are double offset via BP Target Neutral on a not-for-profit basis using carbon credits purchased from a global portfolio of carefully selected offsetting projects. These projects include the installation of hydropower plants in rural China and biogas initiatives in Karnataka, India. 


BP Target Neutral’s projects are selected by an independent project selection forum and are chosen based on their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which includes reducing carbon emissions and improving the livelihoods of the communities the projects are based in.


Working alongside Air BP, Victor’s pioneering carbon offsetting programme for jet charter routes offset the emissions from 25% of flights in Europe on behalf of customers in 2018. We look forward to supporting Victor as it continues to raise the bar for positive changes in the private aviation sector