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All change in Murcia

Release date:
March 2019
Murcia-San Javier airport building
Following the closure of Murcia-San Javier airport earlier this year, we are delighted to have added Murcia’s new gateway – Corvera Airport (RMU/ LEMI) to our network


The airport, which is also known as the Region de Murcia International Airport, opened on 15 January during a ceremony presided over by King Felipe VI. It's a great choice for general and business aviation customers as it’s open year-round from 07.30 to 22.30 (Monday to Friday) and from 08.30 to 22.30 (during the weekend). Both Jet A-1 and Avgas are available here.

The city of Murcia is just 20 minutes away, while Cartagena is also close by, so it's a convenient base for those travelling to either city or the surrounding Costa Calida region. 


To find out more about this location click here and as with all our locations you can see pricing and order fuel in advance on the RocketRoute MarketPlace app.