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An update on fuelling fees at Graz Airport

Release date:
February 2021
If you’re refuelling at Graz Airport (GRZ/ LOWG) in Austria, then please note we have updated our fuelling fees at this location


Whether it’s for a minimum uplift, hook-up, overtime, no fuel, or out of hours fuelling, Graz Airport (as with all our locations) has different fuelling fee structures in place to support our general and business aviation operations.


These have recently been updated so please click here to find out more about our fuelling fees in Austria and if you have any questions please email wecare@bp.com


Located less than 10km from the centre of Graz, the airport is open from 05.30 to 20.00 and both Avgas and Jet A-1 are available here. A convenient choice for our Sterling card customers, the airport features a dedicated General Aviation centre with a VIP room and direct access to the airfield, as well as customs and immigration services.


For more information on this location please click here and as with all our locations you can see pricing and order fuel in advance on the RocketRoute MarketPlace app