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Australian bushfires

Release date:
March 2020
Australian Bushfires

Australian bushfires

BP commits almost $700,000 to Australian bushfire relief efforts

With a mammoth relief effort now underway, BP has committed to donating funds to this worthwhile cause.

We will also continue to work closely with the emergency services, including the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Rural Fire Services (RFS), police and other authorities to closely monitor weather and road conditions to maintain a safe supply of fuel to the areas affected by the bushfires. 

As far as our operations go, we are currently operating as normal at all locations. Aviation fuel supplies have been maintained with our supply & logistics teams working hard behind the scenes to actively monitor increased usage and supply constraints and implement contingency plans as necessary. 

Our advice to those flying to and around the region is that while its largely business as usual please check the advice of Air Traffic Control and local airport operations staff, as well as emergency medical services and police before flying. 

In addition to the devastating impact on human life, flora & fauna and property, another knock-on effect of the fire is the impact on the livelihoods of many in these regions and towns that rely on tourism to generate a big slice of their annual income. Your support is much appreciated, and we look forward to welcoming you to the region soon. 


“This situation is unprecedented and it’s terrible to see the impact it’s having. In tragic times like these though, the BP family comes together and the strength of our people and values shines through. I’m humbled by how everyone is coming together to show their concern and support.”  Frederic Baudry, COO Fuels AsPac and Air BP


You can find out more information about our bushfire relief efforts by clicking here.