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Find out about the latest improvements to myinvoice

Release date:
March 2019
Screenshot of myinvoice invoicing system
To help you manage your Air BP invoices 24/7 from anywhere in the world, we have improved the search options to help you easily identify invoices. There are now two new options within the invoice search functionality. You can search by ‘location’ or ‘aircraft registration’


When you search by location, you can easily find your invoice using the airport location such as Edinburgh. But note this generally does not include IATA or ICAO codes.

Alternatively, you can search by aircraft registration, by matching your aircraft registration as it normally appears on your invoices e.g. some may be captured as AB-ABP, others as ABABP without a dash.

For all customers with only one account, we have added an account ‘auto-selection’ functionality. From now on, when you are using the account summary, invoice search, invoice disputes and un-invoiced delivery tabs, the search field will be automatically populated with the account details.

We are continuing to work on a number of improvements to the system for 2019, which we look forward to announcing later in the year.

To log-on to my invoice please click on the following link: www.airbp.com/myinvoice. For more information on myinvoice click here.