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First delivery of SAF in the UK

Release date:
March 2021
Centreline fuel truck at Bristol Airport
We are delighted to have made another step on our journey to a lower carbon future. Recently, Centreline FBO at Bristol Airport (BRS/ EGGD) became our first UK customer to receive a supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)


Customers can now purchase SAF from the Centreline FBO at Bristol Airport – the gateway to South West England. The SAF available at Bristol is supplied as a blend of 1/3 SAF to 2/3 fossil fuel and has been designed as a drop-in fuel that is safe to use in existing aircraft. It is identical to traditional jet fuel in terms of its performance and is thoroughly tested by aircraft, engine and component manufacturers to ensure it is compliant and safe. Made from sustainable feedstocks, SAF produces up to 80% fewer lifecycle carbon emissions than the fossil fuel it replaces.


“In response to growing demand, we’re delighted to be able to offer SAF to our customers and to support global efforts to decarbonise aviation. Air bp is fully committed to supporting its FBOs in understanding SAF and the impact and opportunities it can have for their business and ultimately identifying opportunities for SAF supply. We’re looking forward to seeing how we can evolve our collaboration even further,” said Gus Paterson, chief operating officer of Centreline’s parent company Pula Aviation Services Limited.


As a full service FBO, Centreline is a convenient choice for business and general aviation customers. In addition to fuelling, the FBO offers on-site security screening, two passenger lounges, a crew lounge, customs arrival area and airside transfers direct to your aircraft.


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