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We’re proud to be fuelling air ambulance charities

Release date:
April 2019
Air ambulance crew standing front of a helicopter
We’re proud to be strengthening our relationships with the UK’s air ambulance services. Our portfolio of customers now includes the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC), as well as Wales Air Ambulance Charity (WAAC) and Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA)

Having recently signed a contract GWAAC is the latest air ambulance charity to collaborate with us for fuelling services. One of the busiest air ambulance services in the UK, GWAAC provides critical care with its air ambulance service for 2.1 million people across Bristol, Bath, North and North-East Somerset and all of Gloucestershire. 

The agreement with GWAAC builds on the strength of our five-year relationship with the National Police Air Service (NPAS), which is co-located with the GWAAC at its Gloucester base. 

It also complements our collaborations with existing air ambulance customers, including WAAC and YAA. We look forward to supporting all our air ambulance and police air service customers with safe, reliable fuelling services. This in turn will enable them to go about their work providing life-saving, rapid response emergency services to millions of people.