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Fuelling now even easier at Busselton Margaret River Airport

Busselton Margaret River Airport
Heading to Busselton Margaret River Airport (BQB/ YBLN) in Western Australia? Refuelling (with Jet A-1) is now even easier at this location thanks to our new refuelling vehicle. 


With the new vehicle our Air bp team are now on hand to fuel your plane as an alternative to using our self-serve bowser. 


Having joined our network in 2018 Busselton is one of the newest Air bp locations in Australia. The airport serves as a gateway to the popular Margaret River wine region. Our continued investment at the airport supports recent expansion works which have included a new runway and terminal. 


Although COVID-19 has had a huge impact on airport operations throughout the region and Busselton has noted a significant reduction in both general and commercial aviation activity in recent months, the airport is now starting to see a slow uptick in activity as lockdown restrictions are eased. We are working closely alongside the airport and our customers to support their fuelling needs. 


“We’re looking forward to welcoming new and existing customers to Busselton and Margaret River. Offering a stunning coastline and access to a premium wine region, it has plenty to offer.” said Rick Golding, Air bp’s regional manager, Western Australia.



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