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‘Greener fuelling’ at Stockholm Arlanda and Caen

Release date:
June 2019
Air BP biojet road tankers
In support of the business aviation sector’s Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) initiative - which was launched a year ago to encourage operators and aircraft manufacturers to use sustainable aviation fuels – we offered sustainable aviation fuel at Stockholm Arlanda (ARN/ ESSA) in Sweden and Caen-Carpiquet (CFR/ LFRK) in France for flights heading to this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.

The availability of sustainable aviation fuel at both airports follows the announcement in April that alongside Neste we are now ready to supply sustainable aviation fuel to airline and airport customers in Sweden.


“Initiatives like this give operators direct exposure to sustainable aviation fuel helping us to overcome any obstacles in its adoption,” said Irene Lores, global sales and marketing director, general aviation, Air BP. “We believe it is important to keep working with multiple suppliers, customers and partners, and using expertise from across the global BP organisation, to support the commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuel.”


We have supplied sustainable aviation fuel at over 10 locations since 2014 and our latest agreement with Arlanda and Caen further underlines our commitment to supporting our customers as they work towards reducing their emission and realising their low carbon ambitions.