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How can telemetry improve your fuelling experience?

Release date:
February 2019
Fueller next to tanker
We’re always exploring ways to enhance your fuelling experience and telemetry is one example of how we’re using technology to do just that. 


By monitoring fuel thresholds and providing updates in real time via an app, telemetry enables our teams to keep up with fuelling demands even when there’s a high consumption that means stock is often quickly depleted. Take Ocana Airfield (LEOC) in Toledo, Spain, where there is frequently an upturn in air traffic during weekends. The telemetry systems installed on the fuel tanks there mean our teams can manage and monitor stock and replenish fuel supplies in a timely and efficient manner.

Telemetry is widely available in the fuelling infrastructure across our network, and it’s a great example of how we’re embracing digital technology to enhance your refuelling experience.