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Look out for your new Avgas Sterling Card

Avgas Sterling Card and holder
Our general aviation team is working hard to renew all Avgas Sterling Cards before their October expiry date. In line with our low carbon agenda, the team have created a small cardboard cardholder, designed to be kept and recycled when it’s finished with. 


We’re renewing the Avgas cards so our customers will be ready to go when the time comes to fly again. Over the coming months customers will receive an email from us detailing when their new cards will arrive. 


The cards will arrive in a specially designed compact cardholder, which holds up to eight cards. The cardholder even replaces brochures as it has all key information printed on it. Significantly reducing the packaging has made the cards easier to send in the post, as the package will fit through a standard sized letter box. This is a really important consideration given the global pandemic, as our customers might not always be in their offices or at home. 


Air bp’s global marketing manager Amanda Jones, who headed up the design said:


“Everything the cards are sent in can be recycled. From the cardholder, the letter and the padded envelope. This has saved a massive 75% on packaging compared to last time. By reimaging the packaging as a cardholder with all the important information on it, it’s now useful, giving it a second life beyond packaging.”



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