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myinvoice reminder

Release date:
September 2020
myinvoice reminder PDF on computer screen
For your convenience and efficiency receive your Air bp invoices via email as PDF attachments


Earlier this year we introduced a new feature on myinvoice. It enables you to receive your invoices as PDF attachments sent directly to your email. You can also add a second email address such as a processing inbox. Once you have changed your preferences there is no need to log in to the website, just wait for the email to arrive and if needed save or print.


To activate the PDF invoice option, simply go into your profile on myinvoice and select the PDF option within the Quickview section. Once selected you will receive one invoice per email.


Security is important to us. So if you are receiving your invoices as an email attachment and notice anything unusual, or that the bank account details to pay the invoice have changed, then we recommend you log on to myinvoice to verify the invoice within the secure site or contact us for further support.


And don’t worry if you delete or misplace an email - all your invoices will continue to be available to view on the myinvoice portal.


To find out more about the new myinvoice feature click here, or to visit the myinvoice section of the website click here